Ifestos Construction is a UK based company founded by a leading industrial parks developer in South Eastern Europe, Phoenix Ventures, and a well established construction company, Psaras Construction.

The two companies have been collaborating for nearly two decades in construction and development projects. Due to the growing demand for sustainable housing and fast track construction methods Ifestos invested in the existing production facilities of Green Panel, Romania, which established the factory in 2007.

Today the plant manufactures & fabricates the latest generation Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) which subsequently converts into a full integrated building system.

Ifestos is providing Off-Site & On-site Construction services and collaborates with top architects, engineering companies and developers to achieve innovative and resource efficient buildings world-wide

Our aim is to deliver the premium building material for quality fast track construction projects worldwide. We manufacture environmentally friendly products and systems for construction providing a higher standard of living and bringing innovate fast build solutions.